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More than 1000m2 of accessories in stock.

Our Products

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Protect both sides of your car with shielding side bars. They can prevent expensive repair costs in the case of a small crash. A smart investment!   Rear bars protect the back of your car. They form a convenient buffer while loading/unloading cargo from your van with a forklift.   Our window guards keep unwanted guests out of your cargo space. Indispensable when you carry an expensive freight.
Bumper plates protect your rear bumper against scratches and dents. Next to this, the additional ridges on top of the bumper plate give you superior grip while entering/leaving your van.   Are you constantly boarding the back of your van? If so, a rear step is certainly an accessory to consider.   Our beautiful side steps do not only give your car a more robust appearance, they are also helpful while getting into your car.
Roof racks increase the carrying capacity of you company vehicle. Solid and very durable.   A push bar gives every 4X4 or van a rougher front view. Exactly how you like to see it. Off course, we only deliver EC/EU approved push bars.   Show your keen eye for detail by improving the design of your car with our styling accessories. Our styling accessories add that personal touch that makes your vehicle really stand out.

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